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Mehmet Emin Barsbey is a 2-dan level Go player and the founder of Istanbul Go School.

go go igo çocuk hikaye kitabıHe is the founding president of the Go and Strategy Association. A graduate of Galatasaray University in Industrial Engineering, Barsbey represented Turkey at the 2nd and 3rd South Korea Prime Minister’s Cup, as well as the 51st and 52nd European Go Congresses and the 21st U.S. Go Congress. He served as the editor of Go Magazine for a period and continued to produce and host the “Oyun İçinde Oyun” program on Açık Radyo, focusing on intelligence and games of chance. He also co-authored the children’s storybook “Go Go IGo” published by Beta Kids Publications, together with Betül Kanbolat.

Mehmet Emin Barsbey - Strateji EğitmeniSince 2011, Mehmet Emin Barsbey has provided corporate training to various brands and individuals. His training emphasizes the Sun Tzu school, focusing on strategy and tactics, rational decision-making processes and cognitive thinking errors, priority and time management, leadership, and analytical thinking skills. Among the institutions he has provided training to are QNB Finansbank, HPE, MediaMarkt, Microsoft, Sabiha Gökçen Airport Operations, PSA Group, and more.

While being involved in various promotions and tournament organizations related to Go, he served as the head referee for 7 years as a certified Go referee by the European Go Federation at the International Istanbul Go Tournament and many other tournaments. He initiated children’s workshops at the Turkey Foundation for Gifted Children and continues these workshops with gifted children and adult workshops under the auspices of partner institutions such as Istanbul Go School and BÜMED. 

Mehmet Emin Barsbey’s articles on Go and games have been published in the Mind Games Magazine of the Turkish Brain Team, the Game Magazine of the Turkey Intelligence Foundation, the editorial pages of Habertürk, and Go Magazine. He has held positions as the Istanbul representative and board member of the Turkey Go Players Association and was among the founders of the Istanbul Go Players Association.

During his university years, especially focusing on student representation, he served as the President of the Student Council and represented Turkey at the European Student Congress. Before founding Istanbul Go School, he worked as an editor at Outdoortv and various broadcasting institutions. He participated in cinema workshops at IFSAK and took part in short film projects. He collaborates with RNA Change Management, conducting studies in the fields of Strategy, Sun Tzu, Change Management and leadership.

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